Hong Kong {Day One}


First morning in Hong Kong! We woke up at 3:30 this morning. (Hong Kong and China are a 14 hour time difference from CST). Needless to say, we were ready to get out and explore Hong Kong by 7 this morning. However, this city does not wake up as early and us Texans.


We are staying at the Harbour Plaza Metropolis. It’s connected to a mall and a metro station. This is why we selected it. Hong Kong seems pretty easy to get around and most everyone speaks a little English which is so nice for us since we speak no Mandarine. The people here are very nice and that makes it convent too. This seems to be good preparation for us as we get into China mainland– which I’m told is very different than Hong Kong. Given Hong Kong was once governed by the British, it’s more ‘Westernized’ than central China.

These next three photos are the views from our hotel– truly breathtaking!




We had a great half of the day at Victoria Peak! Just look at this beautiful city….

10945545_923078737702259_3302015629822715388_n 10945748_923078891035577_127176448284393275_n 10945556_923078841035582_4856870453322495754_n 11419_923078801035586_6565939347906911747_n

Ollin had his first ferry ride, bus ride, and trolley ride! He’s such a trouper!! He did better than Will and me on the plane yesterday.


I should add that the forecast is sunny with no clouds. That’s not fog! That is pollution! It’s much worse than what we ever imagined. Just going outside we get a tickle in our throat and start coughing. It seems to be harder on Ollin than me and Will. It seems to be causing a croup cough and a low grade fever for our buddy. Poor little guy. He’s handling it like a champ though!


Good Night from Hong Kong.


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