Hong Kong to Changsha {the adventure is just beginning}

We made it to Anli’s home Provence!

10968548_923917067618426_6205521484478399190_nThe day started early with a fellow adoptive family from our agency, leaving our hotel via taxi headed toward the border. Each family was in two separate taxi’s. We lost them during the cab ride and got dropped off at different border crossings. Will, Ollin and I went through customs and immigration wondering where our friends were and if they were going to make it to the sold out train station for the most important train ride of our lives (since we both are meeting our daughters in the morning).

As we crossed the river on a bus and made it into Shenzhen, China, the English signs disappeared and so did the people who could speak our language. We are in their country so we tried to be patient with our crying toddler, going up and down flights of stairs with all of our luggage trying to find the taxi ‘pick-up’ location. We had to catch a cab to the Shenzhen North Station to get on the high speed train to Changsha. There was no one in sight who spoke a lick of English. We finally found a cab driver who would read our train tickets and nodded yes. So we jumped in the cab nervously wondering where he was really taking us. Gratefully, before we knew it we were at the correct train station with 10,000 other people. We went up and down the crowed, I mean crowed (no personal space here), elevator a few times before a kind person pointed us in the right direction. We finally arrived at our gate in plenty of time and were relived to find our friends had just arrived too! 


Since we are traveling China during the biggest traveling season, with the New Year right around the corner, most transportation outlets to inner country China are sold out. We managed to snag the only seats left on a high speed train which happened to be first class. Not too bad for Ollin’s first train ride! It was super nice and the 3 1/2 hour ride went by quickly. Probably because we were able to see China’s magnificent country side.

10502173_923917097618423_3346063633268173780_n 10384812_923917174285082_5673112228925023004_n 10445508_923917194285080_4993027449614785654_n

10411027_923917220951744_5150224108964839743_nOllin is quite the spectacle here. He and I attract an ample amount of attention, and people want to touch him. He seems to be okay with it but doesn’t want to talk to them. China is not as diverse as our country. And they think we are ‘beautiful’– so I’ve been told. We think the same, they are just stunningly beautiful people.

We are exhausted. Ollin is having plenty of meltdowns. The air quality isn’t much better here and the cigarette smoke is never ending. Prayers are appreciated for patience, grace, rest and wellness!

On a positive note, we are overly giddy to be in our daughters home city! And even more elated that it’s 6pm and we meet her at 10am tomorrow morning!! We were unsure if this day would ever come and to know we are no longer months, weeks or days away, but only hours away is so amazing!! Words cannot express our greatfullness to God for bringing our family together this way! It’s a huge answer to prayer!

With amazed, praising, and thankful hearts,

-ashley and will

View from our hotel room in Changsha.

View from our hotel room in Changsha.


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