What a Day! {2 FEB 2015}

Good morning from Changsha!! We met Anli yesterday at about 11am. It was a whirlwind of a day! There are five families here from our agency and we all met our kids at the same time in the small play room the hotel has on the “non-smoking” floor. They arrived a little late because the children were taken to have their passport photos done before bringing them to our hotel. 10978531_924683787541754_6068400870671647248_n When they came off the elevator and she saw me, she waved smiling with excitement! We didn’t even have to introduce ourselves. She was calling me mama, Will baba, and Ollin dede (sp?) meaning little brother. Her caretakers did an fantastic job at preparing her. We are so grateful to them! 1782061_924682667541866_8125417347496488441_n 1512408_924683064208493_6915117146545205770_n 10252098_924683477541785_3587390796543303294_n 10313521_924683867541746_8036880373528605281_n There weren’t hardly any tears just a whole lot of smiles and giggles, though we know the tears will come eventuality. Her and Ollin chased each other around, played hide-and-seek, and are getting along wonderfully. 

We had two days itinerary combined into one so there wasn’t hardly any one-on-one time. After the families were united in the hotel’s play room, we dispersed for lunch. Then met back up to go to the Changsha Civil Affairs Office to complete our part of the adoption paperwork. It was quite a process given there was such a large group. Both of our kids held up like champs. Ollin went his first day ever without a nap and did amazingly well- considering! 10959497_924970567513076_5522165703521308011_n 10978589_924970660846400_6734449044510968116_n All the meetings and official adoption paperwork are being prepared/finalized this week by notaries and officials. We also had the official interview yesterday and I guess we passed because in the end she was declared our daughter!! She’s a firecracker- full of energy and smiles! We can’t wait to see her personality unfold. 10348619_924683907541742_8682571026585292522_n She’s taken to both, me and Will. She is okay if one of us leaves for a bit but after a while she will start calling for her mama or baba, whichever is gone. 10411398_924683887541744_3778540053334810399_nAt bedtime she does prefer mommy over daddy. (Not surprising given the amount of men in her life over the last 3 years must’ve been minimal). Ollin passed out right away and Anli took a while to settle. I rocked her and sang Jesus Loves Me. There seemed to be some fear in her eyes– understandably, considering we are strangers speaking a foreign language. So I got out Chinese for Adoptive Families, (great book). Then assured her, “You are my precious child. Don’t be afraid. It’s okay. We love you very much.” Not sure I got it all the tones right. Maybe she was just comforted to hear her language. But she quickly had peace and dozed off.

Will and I had dinner at about 11pm last night after we got the adrenalin stricken littles to bed– Pizza Hut that our awesome guide brought to our door. It was an exhausting day but we feel amazingly blessed. We are so grateful for your love and prayers! We can certainly feel them.


A quick nap while waiting for the bus. So happy to have her in my arms!


The whole group at the Changsha Civil Affairs Office– right after 5 children became sons & daughters!!


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